Antoine Gautrain

Student, specializing into web development engineering

  • Male, 21 years old
  • Enjoying entrepreneurship
    (worked for startups)
  • Actively looking for opportunity
    (idea to start a business from)
  • Practicing muay thai
    (even went to Thailand)
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For the moment I am not looking for job recruiters as I have already accepted proposition from Atos, an IT services company.

It's been five years now I've started to explore web development over different angles, from PHP/MySQL at the beginning to latest fashionable frameworks such as Angular or Vuejs.

One of my proudest work was the conception of a full scale application used by more than a hundred persons at the same time. With representatives of students as product owners, we aimed for a pleasant way to integrate newcomers into our school.

As a result, a cross platform client application (android/desktop) and a monitoring website dedicated to administration were delivered following guidelines and deadlines.

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